Village of Rowlett earns 2017 CLIDE Award

The Village of Rowlett is the realization of the City's downtown strategic redevelopment plan enacted in 2012. This $40M development is being implemented through a public/private partnership that expands the downtown into a series of walkable streets and open spaces defined by unique mixed-use and mixed-density residential buildings.

The transit-oriented development plan creates a new street grid with high quality streetscapes that integrate the existing DART light rail station, includes the new central library for the City, restaurants with outdoor dining along Main Street, and a range of new housing types including 3-story lofts, ground level live/work units, 2 story bungalow court homes, and 2 story townhomes. The design is based on an agrarian urbanism concept that incorporates agri-industrial architectural forms, is organized around a large central community garden and preserves large stands of existing trees and wetlands. The development will be truly unique within DFW as example of a sustainable, high-design, new development that is fully integrated into its historic context to create a new center of community and activity for this suburban City with an identity all to its own.

Award Recipients: City of Rowlett, Catalyst Urban Development, Integral Development.

"The scale of it and the feel of it makes a remarkable transformation into an interesting place, creating a sense of place and sense of community."