Attracting New Business and Supporting Existing Business and Industry in Rowlett

For the City of Rowlett Economic Development team, attracting new business to locate in our community and supporting existing business and industry and entrepreneurs are key initiatives. Building and supporting a strong manufacturing, retail, and service community are important to the residents and our local economy. In this blog article, we share and highlight factors that are key in attracting new business development, and supporting the health, growth and expansion of our existing business and industry, resulting in quality jobs, a healthy economy, and a strong community.


Demographics and Target Audience

Access to demographic information is fundamental to business owners or real estate executives that are evaluating locations for new or expanding businesses. The Rowlett Economic Development team provides comprehensive data reports/analysis for demographics, talent and workforce, transportation, education and training resources, and growth forecasts. This data is critical for corporate executives, site selection consultants, and analysts evaluating locations for a new business or business expansion project. Company and real estate executives analyse this data and information to confirm whether a specific city or region’s location and business climate aligns with their project requirements. Depending on the type of business or industry, the building/site selection criteria varies, i.e., business and economic environment, location, visibility, available and future pipeline for talent and workforce in the region, access to education/technical training programs, traffic counts, foot traffic, and consumers preferences in the area with respect to service and retail businesses.


How Business Recruitment Works – Attracting Companies, Investment and Jobs

The Rowlett Economic Development team utilizes a multifaceted marketing strategy including direct outreach and influencer campaigns to reach our targeted audience at the local, regional, national, and global level. Methods and the marketing approaches we are currently using include:

  • Meeting one-on-one and presenting in group meetings with commercial brokers in the DFW area who represent restaurants and retailers.
  • Reaching out directly to companies with our marketing and demographic information.
  • Exhibiting at trade shows such as the North Texas Commercial Association of Realtors and many other marketing events and trade shows in partnership with Team Texas-the State’s economic development marketing entity.
  • Direct marketing through LinkedIn Advertising Campaigns, focused on corporate executives and influencers across the U.S. and several countries.
  • Quarterly e-Newsletters sent directly to more than 2,600 site location consultants, developers and commercial brokers, across the U.S. and 19 countries globally. During our current fiscal year from October 2022 through July 2023, four newsletter campaigns were distributed to a total of 9,034 targeted contacts, globally.
  • Networking with Dallas-Fort Worth area developers, site selectors and consultants at events such as the Commercial Real Estate Women and Urban Land Institute.


Business Retention & Expansion (BRE) – Rowlett’s existing businesses are a top priority and focus. BRE is important for several reasons, as it plays a crucial role in supporting local economies, fostering job growth, and ensuring the overall vitality of a community. There are many facets to a successful BRE program but one of the most important is the creation of community relationships. Building and maintaining relationships with local business owners can lead to collaboration, shared resources and a sense of partnership between the business community and local government.

Programs and Resources the Rowlett Economic Development team provides:

  • Meeting with company executives/workforce
  • Facility tours
  • Connecting company leadership/employees to workforce and training resources
  • Entrepreneurship assistance/guidance
  • Identifying site locations/available real estate for business expansions
  • Connections with leadership at the state level
  • Assist in facilitating access to resources at the state and federal level
  • Guidance in navigating and contacting other City departments
  • Addressing challenges faced by the local business community


Overall, the Rowlett Economic Development team uses a variety of methods to attract and retain businesses in our community. We are eager to assist in your location and business growth needs. Contact us at, email: or call 972-412-6229.