Municipal Management Districts


During the 82nd Texas Legislative Session, the House and Senate approved the City of Rowlett's three proposed municipal management districts. Municipal Management Districts are complex and sophisticated financing and development vehicles.


Nature of Municipal Management Districts

  • A municipal management district is a political subdivision of the State and distinct from the City of Rowlett.
  • Legislation subjects exercise of certain district powers to City approval.
  • District must enter into project development and bond issuance plan with the City.
  • City may dissolve the district only upon certain conditions.
  • Municipal Management Districts are created through the Texas Legislature by special act.
  • Municipal Management Districts are created to promote, encourage and maintain employment, commerce, trasportation, housing, tourism, recreation, arts, economic development, safety and public welfare within the district's boundaries.
  • Created to develop and diversify the economy of the State, eliminate unemployment and underemployment, and develop and expand transportation and commerce.
  • Finance capital improvements and/or services by taxing and assessing only the benefited territory within the districts.
  • Finance improvements and/or services by issuing obligations of the districts, not of the City.
  • Maintain control of what improvements are provided for and how they are funded through direct or appointment process, and participation and direction of nonvoting ex-officio directors.
  • Maintain control through Bond Issuance Plan and Project Development Agreement.