Financial Transparency

The City of Rowlett is committed to the promotion of high quality development in all parts of the City and to an ongoing improvement in the quality of life for its citizens. Due to this objective, the City of Rowlett will, on a case by case basis, consider providing incentives as a stimulus for development in Rowlett. As policy, any incentive consideration for a development will be provided in accordance with the procedures and criteria of this Incentives Policy document. Furthermore, any agreements are subject to approval by the Rowlett City Council.

The City of Rowlett policy encourages new investment and business attraction through the utilization of tax grants, fee waivers or reductions, performance-based job creation grants, and/or other redevelopment grants, as authorized by Chapter 380.001 of the Texas Local Government Code.

The City of Rowlett is one of only 16 cities to have a Financial Transparency star in Economic Development. Click here for additional information.